Back to School 2015

photo StefoFrom Stefo Stojanovski, Assistant Principal, Victorian School of Languages:

The staff of the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) would like to welcome all returning and new students, as well as their families, to our school and our services. Language studies are very much a family and community affair and we encourage all families to be involved in their child’s program, as far as is possible. We look forward to a safe and productive year of language learning.

As we start the new VSL school year, here are a few tips for parents to get their young learners off to a good start.

  1. Be positive
    Your child is making a fantastic effort in undertaking language studies, usually as an extra to other school studies. Parents need to be supportive and positive about the benefits of language learning and acknowledge the commitment of their children as well.
  1. Be organised
    It is of paramount importance that the start to the new school year goes well. Successful habits need to be established early. Students often ‘set up’ for success by getting into rhythm and doing well early on in their studies and not getting behind. To ensure that your child does not have any distractions and can make a smooth start to the new year:
  • ensure that your child’s enrolment and attendant administrative requirements are completed as soon as possible
  • make sure that required stationery, textbooks, dictionaries, VCE study designs etc are purchased as required
  • be clear about pick up and drop off arrangements
  • organise a study place and a regular study/homework time for your child at home
  • keep track of the VSL session times as Public Holidays affect our calendar
  1. Be involved
    If you speak the language that your child is studying, practice with them wherever possible.You may also like to volunteer to be a classroom assistant (see the Centre administration staff to discuss procedures). If you do not speak the language ask your child to ‘debrief’ at home and just describe to you what they have learnt after each session. You may even enjoy being taught some basics by them! Sharing is a very effective motivator.
  2. Attendance
    Ensure that your child is regularly attending. Disrupted attendance is the key cause of reduced performance, loss of connection and motivation.
  3. Stay in Touch
    Communicate with VSL staff to be as involved as much as is possible in your child’s progress.
  • at the start of the year, make sure to say hello to your child’s teacher
  • ensure you attend Parent/Teacher interviews
  • call our staff if you are unclear about procedures, class activities, student progress
  • keep up to date with school events and initiatives by reading our newsletters and regularly checking our website

Good luck and best wishes for the 2015 academic year!

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