Q & A with Olga Quijada-Luna, Spanish teacher

Meet the teacher: Hi, my name is Olga Alicia Quijada Luna, Spanish teacher at the VSL Box Hill Centre. I am from Mexico and I have lived for 7 years in Australia.

Olga spanish teacher - Meet the Teacher Q & A photo - close up

Lately, I’ve been working on… I worked here as a Spanish teacher in a kindergarten and playgroup, and given private lessons (tutoring). I have a Bachelor Degree in Educational Sciences.

I’ve been at VSL for… I started at the VSL as a replacement teacher in 2010, and in 2011 I started as a regular teacher.

 The most important thing I take into the classroom each week is… A good attitude, to start the day full of energy and patience. My group has different levels so the Saturdays morning are very busy.

What I love about language teaching is…. Being able to teach and transmit part of my culture is wonderful; especially when you can see the children master new things, when they are proud of themselves for being able to speak another language that they are learning in our classes, when you as a teacher can see the progress they make. When I see them reading, writing, speaking in Spanish it is a great honour for me.

My advice to parents is…. Perseverance, not giving up when children tell us they do not want to learn another language – in the future they will appreciate the effort that you made to achieve it.

For parentsof children that are learningtheir native language, always try to speak your language with your kids, if the kids respond to you in another language say to them that in your home all the family speak your native language. You can say that you do not understand what they are saying, but they know that you understand so you need to explain to them the importance of learning another language and be patient.

For parents who do not speak the language that their kids are learning or want to learn, just encourage them to do it, and explain the importance in their life to learn different languages.

 Perseverance and patience is the most important.

Books …  I like reading, I like romance books, inspirational books and I love cooking books.

The most inspirational figures in my life are… God and my parents.

The regional food I love best is…. I love Mexican food and I love cooking. Mexico has many different types of food; each city has its own traditional food.

My favourite movie… Forrest Gump, Life Is Beautiful and The Pursuit of Happiness.

My favourite expression is… You can do it, Thank you and Sorry.

What I love to do most when I visit another country… When I visit my country I love spending time with my family, talking with my parents, visiting my brothers and friends, going out to have dinner all together.

When I visit a different country I like to know about their culture and traditions, try their traditional food and visit their landmarks.

Hobbies… Cooking, reading and, the most important thing, spending time with my family.








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