Q & A with Carlos Franco – teacher of Spanish


¡Hola! My name is Carlos Franco and I teach Spanish at our VSL Collingwood College Centre.

 I’ve been at the VSL since 2011.

 The most important thing I take into the classroom each week is that every child should attend fun lessons and go home well-aware of what they have learnt.

 What I love about Spanish language teaching is that there are so many connections between English and Spanish which make it possible to create an enjoyable learning environment. Particularly at the VSL, we have children whose families either have Hispanic background, a passion for languages or just a growing love for one of the many nations Spanish relates to.

 Currently I am working in updating an online feeder for my class to continue encouraging weekly revision and language use happening on weekdays.

 My advice to parents is that they establish communication with the language teacher so they can keep track of what their children are learning on Saturdays. By doing so, parents would find it easier to put their children’s new learning and language skills into practice in everyday situations.

 The books that changed my life are Zoom and Listos. These Spanish teaching textbooks have great sequence of skills and effective learning activities to achieve outcomes.

 The most inspirational figures in my life are my former school teachers who complemented all the academic and life learning happening at home. A good phrase I remember from my school years is ‘Education liberates you’.

 The regional food I love most is ‘Papa a la Huancaina’. The tricky thing is to pick and choose one from the over 400 different types of potatoes we have in Peru, my native country. However, the sauce can be ready in seconds. You need to blend your favourite type of cheese, pepper crackers, yellow chilli, a few garlic corms, milk and salt to your taste. Then, pour the sauce onto sliced cooked potatoes bedded on lettuce and add some olives rings and finely chopped coriander on top.

 My favourite website in Spanish is Spanish Kids Stuff. I also recommend Risas y sonrisas and Rockalingua for teachers.

 My favourite artist is Chespirito, a Mexican gentleman who revolutionised comedy in Spanish and made Mexico very famous through his creative TV show called ‘El Chavo del 8’. Through this, we learnt Mexican people called boys ‘chavos’ and girls ‘chavas’.

 My favourite expression is ¡Vamos…rápido, rápido!

 What I love to do most when I visit a Spanish speaking country is to interact with locals and of course, try home-made hearty meals.

 My favourite app is www.duolingo.com for children to build up their knowledge and, www.hellomylo.com  if they wish to advance a bit more.

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