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Indian Languages Conference

Indian Languages Conference  The VSL recently hosted the inaugural conference for teachers of Indian languages. The conference had its antecedent in 2015 when Dr Peter Friedlander, Senior Lecture in Hindi at the Australian National University organised the first Hindi workshop. … Continue reading

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When one language isn’t enough…

According to the British Council, more than half of the world’s population functions in two or more languages on a daily basis. In other words, multilingualism, not monolingualism, is the norm and for some students, learning just one language other than English … Continue reading

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Launch of Virtual English as an Additional Language (EAL) New Arrivals Program

On Thursday 15 June 2016, Dr David Howes, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Schools, Department of Education and Training launched the Virtual EAL New Arrivals Program, an initiative of the Department of Education and Training and the Victorian School of Languages. Victoria … Continue reading

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Lost in Bilingual Parenting

“Parents are often torn between speaking their first language because it is supposed to enhance the emotional connection with their children and speaking the second language because it is supposed to be the language of the new country.” In this … Continue reading

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Second generation VSL learning

Every time my daughter complains about having to go to Spanish classes every Saturday morning, I feel her pain, because once upon a time, it was my pain too. But after all this time, I still don’t have a killer … Continue reading

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Know more than one language? Don’t give it up!

If it takes a village to rear a child, then “The bilingual child benefits from being raised by two or more villages!” writes linguist Rebecca Callahan (right), in The Conversation, in an article picked up by the World Economic Forum. It’s … Continue reading

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